Invisible but Remarkable
Inventec Data Center Solutions are like the heartbeat of the world - Invisible but remarkable.
Inventec Data Center Solutions
Delivered by Inventec Enterprise Business Group (EBG), focusing on providing the best solutions for compute intensive industries in mega data centers, including internet and telecom operators. Since EBG's inception in 1998, the advancing server hardware design and manufacturing capabilities have been trusted by customers such as the world's leading server brands, hyperscale data centers and server hardware integrators.
R&D is Inventec EBG's Driving Force
Inventec has been ranked as one of the Global 500 patent assignee; in average, one in five of our employees have a patent application. Inventec provides total solution to our customers by perfectly matching software and hardware.
Quality is the Corerstone of Inventec to Make Exceptional Product
Inventec introduced intelligent equipment and automated testing devices to its production lines and provides 24-hour uninterrupted production capacity.
Unmatched Passion
Inventec EBG’s passion in designing Enterprise computing equipment is unmatched, providing excellent products that have been the backbone of leading global brands.