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03 June. 2024
Accelerate your life with Inventec
(Taipei, June 3, 2024) Inventec Group will participate in the Taipei International Computer Show (COMPUTEX 2024) tomorrow. The group will showcase its decades of experience in research and manufacturing, and integrating various innovative technologies, products, and solutions from both hardware and software within the group to realize the vision of socially responsible and sustainable AI with "Everyday AI, Everywhere ESG." Inventec will also bring its integrated AI rack solutions using the NVIDIA MGX modular platform as the highlight of its exhibition.     Additionally, the exhibition will display 8U AI servers using the NVIDIA HGX platform, various edge AI devices, smart wearables, professional medical equipment, automotive electronics, self-developed AI software, and the VRSTATE platform service for metaverse virtual-real integration. The exhibition will cover four application areas: cloud AI, edge AI, device AI, and AI-generated content.    Cloud AI will be extensively applied in fields such as large language models (LLM), voice recognition, image processing, and natural language processing, and the key to fulfilling the commitment of cloud AI is through innovative AI servers. The Inventec Artemis rack powered by the  NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 system is an integrated rack-level solution, developed in collaboration with NVIDIA and adopting the NVIDIA MGX platform, which features 36 NVIDIA Grace™ CPUs and 72 Blackwell GPUs, interconnected via the NVIDIA NVLink® system to support large-scale generative AI training and inference workloads. The Inventec P8000IG6 AI server will also adopt the NVIDIA HGX™ platform with NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs, and, when combined with the NVIDIA BlueField-3 SuperNIC, can optimize cluster networking to ensure seamless connectivity and robust AI performance. This results in higher operational efficiency, reduced latency, and enhanced reliability for enterprise applications and data centers.    “The NVIDIA MGX platform enhances computational performance and efficiency in data-intensive tasks, while Blackwell architecture integration boosts processing speeds and capabilities for AI and data analytics,” notes George Lin, VP of Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG). “Inventec, a renowned player in the realm of technology, is committed to staying at the forefront of innovation and meeting the evolving needs of its customers in various sectors. Adopting NVIDIA's MGX platform and Spectrum-X Ethernet platform is one of the ways that Inventec keeps its promise to its customers.”    “Inventec designs and brings to market a range of products based on NVIDIA’s AI platform, including the latest Blackwell technology and Grace CPUs,” said Kaustubh Sanghani, vice president of GPU product management at NVIDIA. “Through our collaboration, we’re able to meet the evolving demands of data centers.”    The COMPUTEX 2024 will be held from June 4th to 7th at the Nangang Exhibition Hall. Inventec's booth is located at M1112 on the 4th floor of Hall 1 of the Nangang Exhibition. Inventec hopes to stimulate cross-industry cooperation at this event, and inject new momentum into AI technology to promote the digital and sustainable life experience of "Everyday AI, Everywhere ESG".   
09 April. 2024
Inventec Unveils P8000IG6 - The Most Advanced Platform for AI and HPC Workloads
Based on the NVIDIA® HGX™ AI supercomputing platform, the server is designed around flexibility and scalability — enabling data centers to rapidly and seamlessly expand for the most advanced workloads TAIPEI, April 3, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Inventec (TPE: 2356), a global leader in high-powered servers headquartered in Taiwan, is launching its P8000IG6 server for rapidly and flexibly scaling up data center capacity to take on the most advanced AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.   As new AI technologies proliferate, demand for data centers is growing quickly. According to McKinsey, data center operators are caught between the need for more capacity and rising capital costs, resulting in more data centers relying on prefabricated and modular solutions to expand while reducing setup time. "In the age of AI, data centers are increasingly faced with the need to rapidly scale up capacity — and Inventec's P8000IG6 server is the answer," notes George Lin, VP of Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG). "Not only does our modular design deliver rapid deployment and maximal flexibility, but its leading-edge technology enables our customers to run the most advanced applications." Top-tier performance with maximum flexibility Powered by up to eight GPUs, P8000IG6 is built around the NVIDIA® HGX™ AI supercomputing platform, optimized for the most advanced AI and HPC workloads, and customers can select from NVIDIA® H100, H200, or B100 GPUs. To ensure seamless interconnectivity, NVIDIA® NVLink® and NVSwitch® accelerate communication among all eight onboard GPUs, while Inventec's switchboard bridges the server's GPUs with others in the data center and offers maximum bandwidth for GPU Direct RDMA. In a separate tray from the GPUs, the motherboard is powered by Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors (Eagle Stream) — with both 4th Gen and 5th Gen as options. With its modular design, the server enables rapid deployment and installation, facilitates expansion and upgrading existing infrastructure, and provides extensive compatibility for use with other types of servers. Inventec's experts also offer white-glove customization for data centers in need of specialized solutions. Leading connectivity, power, and cooling Adding to its array of top technologies, P8000IG6 offers the latest DDR5 SDRAM and PCIe Gen. 5.0 connectivity. To boost power efficiency and reliability, its CPU and GPU modules have decoupled power sources — 12V and 54V, respectively. In addition, both air and liquid cooling options further expand its customizability. Maintenance made easy On top of rapid deployment and seamless expansion, the modular design of the P8000IG6 streamlines maintenance. The CPU and GPU are separated into different trays, and there are several modules — including for the fans, power supply, and NIC — combining with the tool-less design for service and maintenance made simple. About Inventec Founded in 1975, Inventec manufactures computers, telephones, notebooks, and servers and has developed a strong foundation for global success. Through its variety of products, strategic alliances, supply-chain integration, expanded business scale, and enhanced long-term competitiveness, the company has achieved numerous milestones while adhering to the values of innovation, quality, open-mindedness, and execution. In recent years, Inventec has increasingly been more active in industries such as cloud computing, wireless communication, intelligent devices and IoT. About Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG) Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG) was established in 1998 and has been focusing on the design and manufacturing of server systems in Inventec Corporation. Over decades, Inventec EBG has been the key server system supplier for numerous global brands.  
20 March. 2024
Inventec Debuts Artemis, Powered by the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip
SAN JOSE, Calif. – NVIDIA GTC  – March 20, 2024 – Inventec, a world-famous server manufacturing company, today announced Artemis, a new 44OU rack that adopts the NVIDIA MGX-based rack solution and complies with 1U 2P4GPU with the NVIDIA GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip.   Inventec has been making significant strides in research and development across AI, automotive, electronics, 5G and the metaverse. Inventec’s flexible and agile engineering and production capabilities further meet the diverse needs of growing large language model (LLM) applications and AI users.         Artemis contains the NVIDIA GB200 NVL72, a 72-GPU fifth-generation NVIDIA NVLink-connected GPU system , and supports the new NVIDIA Quantum-X800 and Spectrum-X800 networking platforms to deliver powerful AI communication performance.   The NVIDIA Blackwell architecture features six transformative technologies for generative AI and accelerated computing that will help unlock breakthroughs in many areas, such as quantum computing, electronic design automation, and computer-aided engineering. Moreover, Artemis will tap support from NVIDIA AI Enterprise, an end-to-end software platform for production-grade AI, for the NVIDIA GB200 Superchip.   Discover more details during NVIDIA GTC, a global AI conference, at the Inventec booth (#1133) through March 21.