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19 March. 2020
Inventec Data Center Solution announces its first 5G solution product, K888G4 NFVi Forwarding Platform Solution, verified by Intel Select Solution for NFVi Forwarding Platform (NFVI- FP)
TAIPEI, Mar. 19, 2020 — Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG), one of the key suppliers of world's leading server brands, hyper-scale data centers and server system integrators, announces its first 5G solution product based on 2U K888G4 server system, verified by Intel Select Solution for NFVi Forwarding Platform (NFVI- FP), called K888G4 NFVI Forwarding Platform Solution.
The K888G4 NFVI Forwarding Platform Solution is a Red Hat certified dual-socket 2U server system of 2nd Gen Intel Xeon Scalable Processors with optimized and balanced DDR and PCIe slots, applied with best-known-SKU (BKS) Intel components, to offer the best performance for the 5G network virtualization workloads, allowing quick and efficient deployments for Cloud and Communication Service Providers and a plenty of 5G SDN/NFV applications. 
Till recently, Inventec also adds to K888G4 series a new family member as a verified Intel Select Solution for NFVI product.
“The Intel Select Solutions for NFVI and NFVI Forwarding Platform will enrich the virtualized networking product portfolio of Inventec communications solutions. It also remarks the growing capability of Inventec in engineering complexity to provide solution-level products that reflects our passion to join the 5G Ecosystem and make contributions.” said Evan Chien, Senior Director, Cloud and Communications Solution at Inventec.
Inventec will also provide customers with multiple choices for the edge computing, like GPU boxes for AI acceleration, and storages for CDN. For all products, they can be seamlessly integrated with Inventec vRAN solution. 5G ecosystem is becoming more and more open and virtualized. The vRAN and MEC edge computing will take a significant share of today’s wireless communication market. 5G comes with high security, wide bandwidth, and ultra-low latency, making it the best solution in mission critical domains, like smart factories, smart stadiums, vehicle to vehicle, AR/ VR extended applications, etc. Many of these applications are based on open source and requiring edge computing. Open Network Edge Services Software (OpenNESS) and virtualization will help the vRAN and edge computing ecosystem becoming more flexible and elastic.
Download White Paper about K888G4 NFVi Forwarding Platform Solution.

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