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21 March. 2022
Inventec Introduces Solrock, the Highest Density Performance 2U 4Node Compute Server

TAIPEIMarch 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Server manufacturer Inventec (TPE: 2356) has unveiled Solrock, the highest density performance 2U 4Node compute server. With its space-saving multi-node system, Solrock features unparalleled computing power and an energy-saving design, as well as an impressive total cost of ownership (TCO) reduction.

                                   Inventec Introduces Solrock, the Highest Density Performance 2U 4Node Compute Server

"Solrock is a highly efficient and ultra-dense 2U4N rackmount server system that delivers innovation for a range of HPC workloads, superior flexibility and scalability, and enhanced serviceability and reliability. Thanks to our long-standing partnership with Intel® and our market-leading R&D, we have developed a robust solution for various market demands such as virtualization, machine learning, hyper-converged applications and intensive cloud computing," said George Lin, Vice President of Business Unit VI, Inventec Enterprise Business Group (Inventec EBG).

Highlights of Solrock

  • Efficient dual sockets per node with 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors
  • New-generation platform with PCIe Gen4 Technology
  • 8x LFF HDDs / 12x NVMe SSDs within a system
  • Easy service and maintenance

Innovation for a range of high-performance computing (HPC) workloads

As a performance-driven compute server, Solrock has four high-performance nodes, each of which features dual-socket 3rd Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors with up to 4TB of DDR4 memory and best-in-breed support for thermal design power (TDP) up to 165W. The platform is compatible with the latest Intel® Optane persistent memory 200 series modules, which provide up to 1.6x higher memory bandwidth and 2.66x higher memory capability versus the previous generation.

In addition, Solrock achieves a balanced architecture with built-in acceleration and advanced security capabilities that are designed to handle the most demanding workload requirements, alongside an exceptional thermal and chassis design.

Superior scalability and flexibility 

Solrock offers incredible flexibility and scalability in its 2U four-node high-density enclosure. Its modular front-drive bay design is suitable for a variety of hot-pluggable hybrid flash arrays, with support ranging from 8x LFF HDDs to 12x NVMe SSDs in one system. Each node also possesses efficient scale-out capacity by hosting one PCIe x16 slot and one OCP 3.0 slot, as well as multiple OS installation options.

These flexible options, coupled with its shared-NIC option, means Solrock can be integrated with computing, storage and networking interfaces. This enables the platform to be easily scaled out to perform HPC and fulfill independent workload deployment.

Enhanced serviceability and reliability  

With optimized TCO, Solrock's multi-node high-density design delivers the highest efficiency of Massively Parallel Computing for HPC applications.

To increase serviceability and reliability, each node has three 4056 dual rotor fans, as well as multiple hot-plug serviceability options through one power supply in the front drive bay and a tool-less MLB tray and tool-less PSU with 1+1 redundancy in the rear. This innovative design enables the removal of an entire node while the rest of the system functions unaffected.

About Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG)

Inventec Data Center Solutions (Inventec EBG) was established in 1998 and has been focusing on the design and manufacturing of server systems in Inventec Corporation. Over decades, Inventec EBG has been the key server system supplier of the global branding clients.

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