Every year, the operation maintenance cost of the traditional datacenter remains so high, such as high amount of power consumption, management, human resources, datacenter space cost, and so forth, that it has raised the enterprise a huge challenge of the construction and development of datacenters as well as hastened the cloud computing techniques. 

Satisfying the thirst of high C/P rate solutions from China datacenters for their rapid growth in cloud business, emphasizing high performance, great power efficiency, security, and open standards, Inventec works with end users proposing rack solutions, which submits consistent standards for Datacenter hardware design norm in order to realize the ideal where datacenters are with low cost and high expandable flexibility. Through the centralized management of power supply and the reduction of energy consumption, the electricity cost of enterprise is able to be lowered in a large scale; with high density design, which means the computing performance of per unit space is multiplied enhanced, a bottleneck in terms of the limited datacenter space for enterprise business expansion is avoided. 

In the specifications of China OCP Scorpio 2.0, even nodes are diversified, which enables flexible collocation and adaptation to the Cloud Computing Eco-environment in accordance with functional requirements and caters to multiple demands based on the business growth. Furthermore, by centralized management, preceding the real-time management of a large scale of data by the unified interface, monitoring the operation status of datacenter facilities, optimizing the resources, locating the nodes and instantly removing the failures, as well as effectively cutting down the cost caused by the traditional manpower and operation can all be done. Finally, with rapid delivery, by prefabricated datacenter module, the solutions are promptly and directly delivered to clients after test completion, and the support of direct plugging of power and bandwidth eliminates the complicated installation and testing procedures, which makes the delivery efficiency of the process involved in informatization construction dramatically upgraded!