Big Data

Information techniques of 21th century constantly improve people's life, whilst big data also marks a fast and furious information blast. Datacenters grow terabits of data daily, so the demand for mega storage space is gradually increasing. In between, on account of the fact that the price of hard drive disk has been lowered, a new terminology as cold storage has been defined, meaning that people no longer store the cold data (data not often used) on tape devices, which, instead, is replaced by the low-end hard drive disk directly. In virtualization realm, Microsoft also submitted the new concept: CiB (Cluster-in-a-box), which means a system being self-sufficient in just one box (server), where the storage space keeps adequate, and more than two servers are mutually supporting each other for data backup and recovery in Windows Server operating system. 

Big data drives the needs of storage, where the market generally uses modular fabrics to construct the equipment specifically employed for one single function, and demanding higher product reliability, security, and durability.