Cold Plate Liquid Cooling



At present, data centers consume approximately 1.5–2% of the world’s electricity, and up to 40% of their electricity consumption goes into cooling. Thus, changing from air cooling systems to liquid cooling systems is paramount. This Inventec closed-loop single-phase cold plate liquid cooling system features a simple design. Without the need for external liquid pipes, it is easy to install. Coolant circulates within a chassis, effectively dissipating heat from components. The heated coolant is then pumped to a heat exchanger located in the chassis, where it releases the heat into the air. This design incorporates a heat exchanger with a large fin surface area to enhance heat transfer performance. In addition, the coolant has a high heat capacity and thermal conductivity, resulting in excellent cooling efficiency. The CPU case temperature in this liquid cooling system is 10–15°C lower compared to that of an air cooling heatsink.