As with the rapid development of informatization, the application demands for all walks of life diversify: Ranging from the small-and-medium-sized enterprises, which are depended on the local resources and retailer products to obtain solutions and emphasizing the cost, reliability and stability, to the industrial giants, who focus on system performance, quality, and reliability, and demand for the systems with extremely high performance in order to proceed its critical operation missions. Among them, all kinds of applications are emerging in an endless stream, which has raised many new challenges for the enterprise level servers in no matter what aspects, such as product quality, stability, reliability, expandability, availability, high performance, hardware virtualization, big data analysis, to name just a few. 

In between, VL (Virtualization) tendency has gradually ripened: A wide variety of virtualization solutions have endlessly emerged, coordinated with Cloud Services (Such as Amazon Web Services) to better flexibly and efficiently establish the operation services for the enterprise. Inventec Enterprise Level Server can serve as management node and computing node, and meanwhile support the hardware virtualization for Windows and Linux platforms.